Band and Orchestra Rental Program

School-Approved Rental Instruments

Blues to Bach Music Center rents and sells school-approved Band and Orchestra instruments to students throughout the Kansas City area. Our primary focus includes students in the school districts of Johnson, Wyandotte and Leavenworth Counties in Kansas.

We offer both New and Pre-Rented (used) instruments. Our pre-rented instruments have been cleaned, inspected, and are in very good condition. We know that the appearance of a child's instrument matters to the student, so it matters to us. 

Student-level Instruments

At Blues to Bach Music Center, we rent quality, student-level instruments that are appropriate for most performers through high school. These instruments are made specifically for student-aged players, meaning they are easier to play, lighter and more durable.

Some area music stores will encourage a further investment into a step-up band instrument just months into the student’s playing. We will not do that. As parents of former school-aged children ourselves, we are sensitive to the costs of children’s activities and attempt to provide a good value for your money. If your child progresses to a point where a step-up instrument is advised, we have those instruments available.

Can’t I just buy on-line or at a garage sale? Yes, and at times this can provide a good value. However, used instruments often need repair work that is costly. In addition, there are some lesser known brands that have come onto the market within the past few years with shockingly low sale prices. However, their instrument quality is often poor and may not play consistently, leaving the student frustrated. 


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Instrument Rental Information and Pricing

We offer several contract variations including Month-to-Month and School-Year rates for either new or previously rented instruments. 
  • All contracts are rent to own with 100% of rental monies paid applying to the purchase of the instrument rented.
  • For band instruments, the first 24 months of payments are transferable to a step-up instrument of the same type.
  • For string instruments, the first 24 months of payments on less than a full-size violin, cello or viola (3/4 size and below violin and 14” and below viola) are transferable to a full-size (4/4) violin or a 15” or larger viola.
  • We allow one exchange for another type of instrument during the rental period.
  • Monthly rental payments are made via auto payment from bank account or credit card and can be cancelled at any time with the purchase or return of instrument.
  • We offer a 35% discount off the remaining balance to purchase the instrument early.
  • A valid driver’s license and a security credit card is required to rent an instrument.
  • An optional service agreement is available for an additional $5 per month. This covers normal adjustments and accidental damage repairs at no additional charge. The coverage of major repairs will be the customer’s responsibility.
  • We are required to apply sales tax to all rental prices.

Month-to-Month Rates

Rental may begin at any time
Brass and WoodwindsPre-RentedNew
Alto Saxophone$54$60
Tenor Saxophone$60$66
Percussion Kit$20$26
Violin 4/4 (Full-size)$26$32
Violin 3/4 (and smaller)$20$26
Viola (15" and larger)$28$34
Viola (14" and smaller)$22$28
Cello 4/4 (Full-size)$52$60
Cello 3/4 (and smaller)$46$54

Pre-Paid School-Year Rates

  • School-Year rental contracts are pre-paid and end June 1 of the following year.
  • These rates offer at least one free month rent versus month to month pricing.
  • Pre-paid rentals are non-refundable, so make sure your child will be participating in band for the entire school year!
Begin July 1st to September 15th
Brass and Woodwind  Pre-Rented  New
Clarinet $176$224
Trumpet $192$240
Trombone $208$256
Alto Saxophone $432$480
Tenor Saxophone $480$528
Percussion Kit $160$208
Strings Pre-Rented   New

Violin 4/4 (Full-size)  $208$256
Violin 3/4 (and smaller)  $160$208
Viola (15" and larger)  $224$272
Viola (14" and smaller)  $176$224
Cello 4/4 (Full-size)  $416$480
Cello 3/4 (and smaller)  $368$432